December 2014

My stay in the south was slightly extended to allow me to compete Bibi in the last music qualifiers. I took her to Swallowfield, where she was 2nd in the Advanced Medium freestyle and qualified. Unfortunately despite gaining a very good % in the Medium freestyle she was 3rd and just missed out on qualifying! So off to Moreton Morrell I went and won both the Medium freestyle qualifier and the Advanced Medium 98. Thankyou Colin for loaning your old music for the Advanced Medium and floor plan and music for the Medium!

Freddie, Colin and I set off for home on the 8th Dec and had a good journey. On the 9th, I headed for Lancaster Services to meet Olwen and Bibi. The plan was to swap Bibi over in the car park! All went smoothly and we returned home to have snow fall that night!! Luckily it didn’t lie for long and normal riding resumed.

That was until the 21st Dec….at 11.40. I was riding Colin, was near the end of our session and something happened – I think Colin must have tripped and fallen. The result was that I came off and suffered a brain injury (despite wearing a hat). I was in an induced coma for the first 10 days and stayed in hospital for another eight weeks after that. I will never take anything for granted again after having to re-learn such basic things as walking and talking. It has really made me re-assess life.

January – June 2015

The support after the accident has been amazing – the flowers, cards and Facebook messages I have received has beed quite unbelievable.

Colin and Bibi went on a busman’s holiday to Kate Cowell mid January. I can’t thank her enough for taking them and for Carl Hester for keeping an eye on them from a training point of view. Kate has done fantastically with them, having success at Patchett’s Regional Championships, The Winter Championships and doing their first Prix St. George tests. Kate also took Colin to the World Class Assessment Day and for the second time he made the squad.

Freddie continues his rehab time at home – maybe my being off will give him the time he needs to recover.

On the 3rd April we had a new arrival….Darcy (Karisma)! Donnabel had a beautiful black filly by San Amour. Darcy is very pretty and Donnabel is as ever a super mum.

While all this is happening I continue to progress with the incentive of doing the riding myself once again. I started teaching at the end of April and ride twice a week at Houston Riding School owned by the Comrie’s. I am getting fitter and stronger and bit by bit teaching my body to do as it is told! Together with the physio work from Robyn Dunn (HorseScotland) and osteopath Andrew Paterson (Framework) I will go down the centre line again!!

For the last week of May I was reunited with Cantos, a horse I competed for Judy Douglas Miller. He is a lovely horse and it was great to ride him again while Judy was on holiday.

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